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the space in between

By Janet Casson

MON FEB 03, 2020

Dear one,

How are you?

Take a breath and truly consider.

How do you feel right now, in this moment right between what you were just doing and what you will do after reading this little love note?

I have come to a clear conclusion recently, and perhaps you had arrived at it already, that most of our lives occur in the liminal space. 

The liminal space being that potent time between what was and what will be. I have seen it defined hopefully as "a place of transition, a season of waiting, and not knowing. [It is] where all transformation takes place, if we learn to wait and let it form us." 

So, the question becomes, can we let it? Can we breathe deeply of this moment between the peaks and valleys of our experience, or perhaps in the midst of riding one of those dramatic waves, and calmly, curiously witness its evolution, and our own, as we travel through?

In the tedium of life's task it is easy, even welcomed to zone out, distract ourselves and wait for it to be over. I often do that when I am traveling. I board a plane equipped with books, podcasts, music, meditations; a myriad of ways to indicate to my unknown seatmate that I will be occupied and not open for conversation.

But sometimes, thankfully, these barriers to human connection don't get any use at all.

On a recent flight, I was a little slow getting my earbuds installed and therefore, unwittingly though quite willingly, took part in a lovely, meaningful conversation with the person seated next to me.

It is true that had she not started talking with me, I would not have known what I was missing. But because this person ventured to bridge the space in between us, my time on that late evening flight was enriched, and I felt more deeply connected to my own life's experience from the simple act of allowing a stranger to become a friend.

We are granted this opportunity numerous times every day.

And certainly every time we get on our mat, or engage in our favorite physical activity, we are invited to become friends with our bodies and our breath and even, if we are very gentle and patient, with our own minds. 

I encourage you this week to take advantage of the space in between this and that, past and future, inhaling and exhaling. Notice and even revel in your life as it is happening.

Your human experience will never be lived again. May it be lived richly, deeply, fully, lovingly moment by moment. 

With love for every step of the journey,