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root to rise

By Janet Casson

FRI AUG 28, 2020

Dear resilient one,

It's my favorite theme to teach in a yoga class and one of the simplest to embody. Find your roots in order to rise. Get grounded so you can feel confident to expand and reach out.

Foundations of tall buildings must be built deep into the earth in order to support the structure that will rise above it.

Trees spend seasons investing their energy in a strong root system before their trunk and branches can grow tall and wide.

You see small children demonstrate this behavior as they are learning to walk. First, they cling to the support of their trusted elder, relying on them for solid grounding. Then, as the young explorers discover their footing and gain confidence in their abilities, they venture further and further from the hands that will catch them and trust that they can either hold themselves up or that they will know what to do if they fall.

How do you find your roots?

Are you able to change directions and keep growing toward the sun?

Do you dare to expand into your fullness of being?

When you feel that a strong wind might just topple you over, spread and deepen your footprint in the earth. Let yourself be tethered to the here and now by your breath and your felt experience. Know that you deserve to feel rooted in the precious audaciousness of your life.

Root down when you need to. And please... Don't forget to rise.

How you gonna kick it~

Lots of new offerings in September

September has often felt to me like a time of renewal and fresh starts. I'm sure that's partially to do with the back-to-school hubbub, or as we're learning to refer to it these days...a return to learn.

(Also, it is the month that marks my trips around the sun, so I'd imagine that has a little something to do with my feelings of new-ness!)

As a perpetual student, I seek out ways to expand my learning at every opportunity. This month, I'm creating lots of chances for us to get together and learn about ourselves, our bodies and the many tools we have available to us to facilitate holistic well-being.

I'm particularly excited about Movement for the Health of It!

Check out the details of all my September offerings here.